Kendo UI MVC Beta available on May 31
Kendo UI

A New Way to Create Native Mobile Apps

Build HTML5/JavaScript mobile apps that automatically transform to the native look-and-feel of iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Take advantage of Kendo UI Mobile's unique adaptive rendering to target multiple phone and tablet platforms with single UI codebase.

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Kendo UI

Deliver Amazing Data Visualization in HTML5

Present rich visual information on any browser and any device. Enjoy hardware-accelerated, touch-aware data visualization widgets, including animated charts, graphs and gauges.

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Kendo UI

Benchmark for HTML5 Development

Kendo UI Web is a comprehensive framework for modern cross-platform web applications. Engineered for unmatched performance and minimal footprint, it delivers everything you need - rich widgets, full MVVM framework, powerful DataSource.

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Kendo UI

Everything you need to build HTML5 sites and mobile apps

In the complete, integrated package you will find a jQuery-compatible toolset that includes rich UI widgets, a powerful data source, dynamic data visualizations, and blazing fast micro-templates all backed by industry leading professional support.

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